Sunday, June 14, 2009

Start Walking

Freedom!!! While I don't recommend channeling Mel Gibson on a daily basis, there are times when it is appropriate. Handed in my resignation letter on Thursday evening, and so glad I did. I was supposed to go to Sao Paulo for a week's workshop, but since that got canceled at the last minute, freedom came a couple of weeks early. Friday was spent in an internal shifting of the office work area, and I also wound up the last couple of pieces of code that I was responsible for. Will have to work out my handover activities and transition plan with PM on Monday, but have now started the processes of distancing myself from the company's activities.

However, I do have a lot to occupy myself with, since the MBA at Cass Business School (London) starts in only three months. Plans and activities for loans, visas, packing, shifting, etc are proceeding apace, but there are always those niggling little details that you tend to forget about till the last minute. Spent yesterday afternoon having lunch with the grandparents, which is a weekly ritual Arati and I have come to appreciate and enjoy. The 1 hour drive in the heat there, however, we do not enjoy. I really need to get my car battery charged; I should buy a new one, but since I'm going to be selling it soon, I can't see the advantage in that investment. Note to self: take pictures of said car.

Last night organized another poker party at home. A couple of new faces this time, who were first taught the game, then proceeded to school people in it. Aru actually broke even for possibly the first time; poor guy actually brought a bunch of change expecting to have to buy in a lot. Ordered in biryani from Deez, with homemade raita, champagne, and lots of beer. Good time had by all. I did pretty well in the game, unfortunately, Arati didn't; oh well, she funded me a bit last time, so I guess we're even by now. I've discovered Facebook poker as well, which I suspect is not a positive development, since I don't really need an additional way of distracting myself from work.

On a totally different topic, Star Trek is awesome. Far and away the best ST movie ever, and in a sense, one of the best movies I've ever seen. It was a great reboot, and all the actors really took the roles and ran with them, paying homage to the original while making it their own. Quinto's "Live long and prosper" line at the beginning for the "IT" moment for me, when he totally nailed the character and the interpretation. I thought he was channeling Samuel L. Jackson a bit there, and I almost expected him to complete the line Shaft-style. Pike was brilliant, bringing the arrogance and swagger the role needs without it feeling forced or annoying. I'm not sure I can say the same for Karl Urban, a few of the lines felt a bit pushed, but still had the funniest moment in the movie. Overall, I think most of us can't wait for the next one.

I'm pretty kicked about the fact that in the last few years, some amazing, entertaining stuff is being put out. Dark Knight, ST, Iron Man, and Kung Fu Panda. Really looking forward to this summer's releases; will have to get the most out of them since London isn't the cheapest place to go see movies. Wolverine looks to be fun / not-too-deep; it hasn't released in India yet so I'm trying not to let online reviews bias me. Transformers 2 is going to be hardcore though, and I'm really hoping the IndianCallCenterGuy has a repeat role. The first time I saw it in a theater, I had funnily enough gone with a bunch of call-center people, who cracked up completely at that scene.

Oh, and I'm totally calling the Lakers to take it next game.


  1. Kung fu Panda was good? I should check that out then. I really liked Wolverine, but narked Hugh Jackman has my vote any day, so I might not be objective... Did you watch Terminator 4? Also, other movies to watch out for are G.I.Joe, Year 1 and Land of the Lost.

  2. T4 not released here yet... you can stop laughing now. LotL has been ripped so badly by everyone that I'm not sure I want to waste monies on it... Go Joe!!