Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cross Posting - Answers revealed

At the outset, let me state my goal:

1) I'm now using Twitter, Facebook, Blogger (obviously), and may use LJ occassionally.
2) If I post a Blog update, I have to manually post a link on Facebook.
3) If I tweet, I'd like to set the same message on FaceBook.
4) I'm lazy.

Here's my solution:

1) Connect Facebook to twitter, so that tweets update you status message.
2) Use twitterfeed to automatically tweet your blog posts (which in turn will update FaceBook...).
3) Enjoy.

Cross Posting like a fiend

So, I'm trying to integrate how to cross-post / cross-read multiple social networking applications. Basically, twitter, Facebook, and Blogger for now, and will check about LiveJournal / LinkedIn in a bit. Any ideas welcome.