Sunday, October 11, 2009

Now with MBA Comics...

Readers of Unseen Trail will have noticed that there have been no updates for the last week and a half (at least, those of you not doing the MBA with me). Let's just say that if I thought the course was intensive before, I had no idea what I was smoking. Block 1 has literally sped by, and before any of us have quite got a handle on what's happening, it's almost ended. I hope I'm not the only one floundering around a bit, trying to figure out what I've actually learnt in this period... it feels like nothing, and yet I'm somewhat comfortable discussing concepts such as return on capital employed, depreciation, z scores, and even weaving. The pace of the MBA I think can best be summed by the response I give to the question "How's the MBA going?"

Seriously though, it's not that bad, it's mostly about time management at this stage, and learning effective ways of handling assignments in the group. My group had a meeting on Wednesday to analyze how we did on the last QM assignment, figure out how to improve, peer feedback (the gloves were off on that one...), etc. It seems to have helped us in the new assignments that we've now got, but still room for improvement. I think I'm not finding it as tough because I'm consistently trying to explain the concepts to myself / others, and that process helps me figure out how to understand things in my own head. On the other hand, exams aren't till December, so lets see if I manage to retain anything.

On Saturday, Arati and I went to Golders Green Park for a couple of hours. It was a really nice outing, very relaxing. The park is pretty nice, a bit small but still pleasant. Unfortunately winter seems to be sweeping in quickly, so not sure how many more outdoor excursions we'll be able to manage. I think a lot of these places, such as Hampstead Heath, Isle of White, etc., will have to wait until the spring. In the meantime, museums and shows abound, and shall be visited.

One of the things I really miss about Delhi is the driving. I know, sounds crazy what with the traffic, crowds, manic drivers, road rage, etc, but I still miss it. I loved driving, the sense of total freedom and escape it offered. Getting out on the weekend, driving around Delhi, visiting friends, going to malls, talking to Arati during the drive, etc, was a blast. I haven't driven for over two months now, and the concept is beginning to feel almost alien, almost like I've forgotten how to.

On the plus side, no more breakdowns in the monsoon. Yay!